“It’s all math and psychology. Much attention is given to psychology, but math is absolutely critical. Good math can save mediocre persuasion, but bad math will sink the best sales pitch every time.” -Perry Marshall

Kian Xie, M.A.

I believe that all industries can benefit from working together, building bridges between worlds that would otherwise stay separate and insular. All skills are transferable, and the most difficult problems can be solved by synergizing expertise from seemingly unrelated disciplines.  

My 12 years of professional experience in marketing, mathematics, education, the arts, and personal development coaching equip me with versatile tools and limitless perspective to solve problems and create visionary breakthroughs in a wide range of fields.  

Top 5 Gallup Strengths: Activator, Futuristic, Strategic, Ideation, Relator

Contact Me With Your Inquiries, Insights, And Opportunities:

kian@kianxie.net | (401) 545-2557

I am currently NOT accepting new consulting clients.

Seeking full-time employment at a stable, growing, innovative company with the highest level of integrity and a strong commitment to positive social change.

Areas of expertise: marketing data analytics, statistical analysis, technical training and program development