Launch to Your Highest Potential as a Global Metaphysical Business Leader!

Kian Xie, visionary & intuitive business analyst

Who & how I help:

Spiritual and intuitive business leaders and public figures, with a clear purpose and mission to heal the world.  

Your inner knowing and divine guidance have led you to where you are, having overcome shadows, obstacles, fears, and doubts to create success, prosperity, and transformative impact…  

You have worked gracefully and purposefully within your business to heal our marketplace and economy.  

You have created a solid brand and thriving operation, and now seek to scale to the next level…  

A level where you can expand and grow exponentially and create global change.  

You realize that this is a critical time for Earth, and you’re ready to step up and create your BIGGEST vision.  

I offer analytical support: numbers, data, hard logic - from an intuitive, divinely-guided point of view...  

...enabling unshakeable clarity and confidence in all actions, risks, and opportunities you choose to pursue.

With unparalleled attention to detail and big-picture vision, I can help you see clearly where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going -  

And most importantly, how your decisions here and now will impact the years to come, and the limitless potential of your enterprise.  

Working with me allows you to reveal your unique role in global markets, identify how you can give the greatest value, keep your clients and customers coming back, and empower your team to create free-flowing success.  

Together, by digging deep into the numbers and imbuing the process with spirit-inspired flow, we can uncover hidden opportunities for extraordinary growth.

Most importantly, you can rest assured all of your decisions are backed by both inspired inner knowing and grounded logic, as you responsibly steward the path of your business success and provide a stable foundation for others - your team, your family, and the community you serve.

"Kian is very insightful and on target with whatever is going on with his clients as well as with the overall energies of the universe, yet he is remarkably down-to-earth and approachable. Anyone who works with him will find that he is a brilliant thinker and a natural leader.  

I especially appreciate Kian's personal, one-on-one assistance. No one is more attentive, sincere and supportive.  

Kian is an excellent teacher, coach and encourager, as well as an innovative, forward-thinking business expert. He is adept at merging practical techniques with intuitive wisdom. I strongly encourage healers and lightworkers to seek his guidance."

Sandy E., multi-entrepreneur 

What I Believe:

  • I believe spirit-led business leaders have the power to transform the world. As you grow in leadership, I keep you grounded and hold you accountable to your highest purpose.  
  • I believe data-driven process, clear intuition, and emotional awareness are all equally vital to making critical, high-stakes decisions. I help you synergize these gifts into wise, deliberate strategy.  
  • I believe we can co-create the world of our dreams by bringing the right people together in aligned purpose. I work with you to co-create this world.


  • Supported a “transformational healthcare” clinic in growing over $400,000 in revenue in six months through rapid execution of new services and a unique healthcare model.  
  • Advised on pricing strategy responsible for $8 million in incremental growth for a leading vendor in the scientific community by interpreting data on thousands of products.  
  • Achieved 440% return on ad spend promoting a psychic skills training program.  
  • Helped energy healers and intuitive readers market and sell their services with confidence, quadruple their incomes within 4 months, and manifest quick money through a combination of inner and outer work.  

"I can't speak highly enough of all of Kian's skills. Though working primarily in a data analyst role, to highlight Kian's core technical, quantitative skills is to undersell his myriad other talents and accomplishments bridging people, aligning disparate workflows, championing value and efficiency, and, on the whole, being able to see the "bigger picture" in all of his work.  

I am impressed by how readily he has integrated into our ecosystem, harmonizing his contributions with existing work, and forging new ground when no precedent existed. In a short time, Kian has identified gaps in process and procedures, and immediately sought to rectify them by developing new protocols to imbue future efforts with standardization, repeatability, and validity.  

Kian's work to democratize data, business intelligence, and objective decision-making in our business has been a welcome change of pace from the existing standards of work. Kian recognizes the value of making information available so that it can be pressure-tested, verified for accuracy, socialized appropriately, and ultimately, best utilized to drive business action.  

His track record for demystifying the complex, making the opaque clear, and building capacity for knowledge has served him well as he collaborated with our team members who were less comfortable with quantitative information, data modeling, or statistical significance. Kian can manipulate data and draw insights with the best of them, but his making this information relatable to others is truly a gift.  

As a leader, Kian's greatest strengths are his approachability, kind and patient demeanor, emotional intelligence, and the premium he places on being respectful to everyone."

A.C., transformational healthcare services manager 

Big Dreams:

  • I want to work with business owners who believe in the power of universal intelligence and wisdom to create monumental success and change on a global level.  
  • I want the world to know that help is always out there. I want people to have access to divine, supernatural support, so I support businesses who create opportunities for miracles to occur.  
  • I want to empower intuitive, sensitive, caring, compassionate people to grow in their business leadership, and inspire the world to heal and transform.  

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"You don't always find teachers, mentors or coaches with the great amount of experience, in a wide variety of circumstances, that Kian does. That level of experience leads to a tremendous amount of skill in helping people reach their objectives.  

Along with the teaching skill, Kian also demonstrates a deep and profound connection to his intuitive skills. He consistently takes real-world, real-life, boots-on-the-ground stuff and adds his intuitive, skillful nature to create a quality of connection, spirit and heart. This not only makes the work being done effective, but also aligned, meaningful and congruent with the highest self.  

Two of the things I have been most impressed with as I've worked with Kian are 1.) he's decisive and tenacious about taking action - getting things moving, and, 2.) he cares for his clients with sincerity.  

I guess what I'd say in summary of my experience working with Kian is that, with all my heart, I trust him. I trust him because for me, having someone who genuinely cares about me is equally important as having the actual skills and wisdom to back it up - and he has both. And on top of that, Kian integrates the spiritual into life in a real, grounded way - and without that kind of integration, you're just not working with the whole picture. I'm so impressed with Kian because he has crazy, mad skills and a heart of gold to back it up."  

Steve M. 

"If you are a lightworker, healer, coach or messenger with a spiritual/soul-based business, I highly recommend hiring Kian. Kian’s support has allowed me to get out of my own way in a BIG WAY. I haven't felt this grounded about my business in a long time.  

Kian’s intuition and ability to understand you and your biz on a vibrational level are off the charts. His honesty is refreshing and he's got the greatest knack for hearing what you are trying to say with your message before you even fully understand it yourself. Kian's light energy and sense of humor are a delight to be around, and I'd work with him again any day!"  

Astra, online business owner